Q: Are there any side effects?
A: With BWRT now being practised worldwide by hundreds of trained practitioners, there are no side effects reported.
Q: How many sessions will I need to get better?
A: The number of sessions will be directly related to the complexity of the problem presented - BWRT is designed to work with both simple and complex conditions, therefore you will need to talk to the therapist about your situation and expectations from the session.
Q: Is BWRT a form of hypnosis or meditation or CBT?
A: BWRT is a form of a highly structured neuropsychotherapy that is not like any other conversational style therapies and not hypnotherapy, NLP or EFT, EMDR or anything else. It follows a Protocol that is specifically designed to create a preferred neurological response from the client in the most logical, uncomplicated, safe way in the privacy of the client’s mind.
Q: What happens in the session?
A: The therapist will invite you to explore your problem in your own mind and, with clear precise instructions, will support you to elicit and create the desired behavioral and sensory response to your condition.

BWRT can also be used in conjunction with Broadband for the Brain (BB4B) aka – Autonomic Nervous System Therapy (ANST)

BB4B is an advanced method of Neuropsychotherapy that utilises the knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy approaches to restore, regenerate and coach client into process of healthy state of Body and Mind without pharmacological intervention. The therapy follows the principles of Psychoneuroimmunology-the medical fiend that studies and researches the relationship between psyche, nervous, immune systems and it’s affect on the psychical and mental health. 

Conditions We Can Help With

Stress & anxiety, performance anxiety, sport performance, eating difficulties, concentration enhancement, sexual problems, boosting the immune system, performance enhancement, physical energy, physical illness, sleeping problems and Infertility.